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From the Desk of Greig Wells
Best Selling Author
LinkedIn Expert & Consultant

Hi Friend,

Your inbox is probably already stuffed with 147 different offers to help you make money online, right?

Well, make it 148 now. But I'm going to be different. I'm going to tell you what this is all about, upfront. No hiding behind blind statements, faked up income screenshots, and misleading mumbo-jumbo.

When you have something real, you don't have to smokescreen it.

You're going to learn how to easily make up to an extra full-time income, in part-time, using a simple technique on LinkedIn.

Why LinkedIn? Because there is no better place to find high-paying clients and customers for your offers. And you'll learn exactly what that technique is in just a moment, you'll discover:

  • How to find those customers...
  • What to sell them...
  • How to close the sales automatically...

My Name Is Greig Wells.

For the past 4 years, I've taught dozens and dozens of businesses, from huge to single person, the ins and outs of LinkedIn.

This stuff didn't happen overnight for me. I started out just like you. I didn't know how to get noticed, how to collect leads, or even how to turn those leads into eager buyers

But I spent the time in the trenches, working out the most effective ways to mine gold out of LinkedIn, and I've discovered a few tricks that even their programmers don't know...

Here Are Just A Few Things I've Been Able To Achieve:

I've used LinkedIn to build huge highly targeted emails lists.

This one is now over 160,000 leads and still growing.

Jack Canfield ("Chicken Soup For The Soul") partnered with me...
...after finding me on LinkedIn.

Fast Company Magazine said "Greig Wells is the nation's top expert at search engine optimization within LinkedIn... And one of America's top Business Leaders."

Tony Robbins himself even promoted my LinkedIn training
as part of his Business Mastery Program.

But Most Important, It's Not A "Hack" Or A "Loophole"...

Anyone Can Do What I've Done!

I've helped tons of clients build huge high quality lists and make significant incomes from LinkedIn.

Now, I Can Help YOU Get On Track To Making $5,000 (Or Even More) Per Month With My Fresh New Course

This is the part where most so-called internet marketing gurus would give you a million bullets to try and convince you how tremendous their secret method is, without actually SHOWING you what to do...

I'm not going to make you read a bunch of never-ending BS text to learn what this is all about. Your time is more valuable than that.

I told you this is different...

Below, I am going to GIVE YOU, FOR FREE, the first training view from the LinkedLoot course. This video reveals my EXACT METHOD for making money with your own LinkedIn profile, starting TODAY...

Just watch this video. You'll see exactly what you're going to learn, why it works, and how it can make your life so much more comfortable.


Here's The Full Recap From The Course Overview Video Above:

You'll learn everything you need to know to profit from my LinkedLoot method in just four short video lessons:

Module 1: Super Connector Mastery

First, we dive deep into the world of Super Connectors. Most people go after the WRONG connections on LinkedIn, and they get buried under millions of competitors... Not you! You'll get the real secret of why Super Connectors will want to be on your list. You'll learn how to build the LinkedIn golden goal: a list that's both broad AND targeted. Finally, you'll learn the #1 biggest mistake most people make with their LinkedIn profiles (it's not what you think). This isn't hard, I'll guide you all the way.

Module 2: Super Connector YOU

This is all about how to set up your profile to position YOURSELF as a Super Connector. You'll become one of the people others WANT to find and WANT to connect with. Instead of posting and hoping and waiting for people to find you, position yourself for success. This is crucial for success and, fortunately, easy to do with the secrets I've uncovered.

Module 3: Getting LinkedIn Leads

Here's how you get the people who will pay you for your list. This is where the money is, and just like you saw in the video above - with even just a few customers, you can be quickly making thousands per month for very little work. I cover how to do it manually, as well as how to multiply your efforts with automation software.

Module 4: Getting Paid

The money you make using my LinkedLoot method isn't just a one-time paycheck. You get paid month after month after month. That means, it can just keep growing bigger and bigger. You'll learn everything you need to know about collecting your payments. Not only that, I'll show you how to build your ENTIRE FUNNEL, loaded with automated offers that can earn you even more.

Kiss The Money-Making Schemes & Scams Goodbye – This Is An Entire Business Model From Beginning To End

I know the pain of getting hit by a money-making scam just when you really NEED the money. It's happened to me just like it's happened to you. It hurts. It hurts BAD.

That's why I'm telling you what LinkedLoot is all about, right here and right now.

You're getting free traffic, solid leads, a great product/service that is easy to sell - all turn-key!

"But Greig, Aren't You Scared You've
Already Given Away Too Much?!"

I know that by giving you this info, you could dive into LinkedIn yourself and start figuring this out on your own. It took me years to get to this point.

But I've "leaked" my own first video training above because I KNOW that you would see that this method is legit. It's a real business. It gives real value that your customers need, and you can take that to the bank again and again.

The smartest decision you could make, though, is to grab my complete LinkedLoot course. You could be starting today, instead of months or even years from now.

Get Started Minutes From Now For A
Special Low Introductory Price

If I mentored you privately on my LinkedLoot method,
you'd have to pay thousands of dollars.

I could easily charge $97, $197, or even more for my LinkedLoot course. In fact, my other courses are usually only sold by webinar for prices even higher than that.

And I will be charging more for it, very soon.

But right now, you can get my complete LinkedLoot course for
the low introductory price of just

You'll Also Get These Four Special Introductory Bonuses:

1) You'll get my private spreadsheet of the Top 20 Super Connectors on LinkedIn. Connecting with these VIPs will give your success a megaboost. (Value: $97)

2) You'll also get my tested and tweaked VSL (video sales letter) for getting and closing the deals that will pay you month after month. (Value: $197)

3) You'll get a ticket into a bonus webinar about LinkedIn SEO (Search Engine Optimization). I'm recognized as the nation's top expert in this. I'll spill my guts on optimizing your profile to come in at the top of search engine results, for even BIGGER success with inbound leads. (Value: $197)

4) Finally, I'll do ANOTHER webinar for LinkedLoot buyers only, showing you how to set up a funnel around this business. This can multiply your LinkedLoot income 10x or more! (Value: $197)

Total Value: $688!

You need to click this buy button right now to ensure you get LinkedLoot for the lowest possible price:

LinkedLoot From Greig Wells

My Action Taker Guarantee

Everyone wants a guarantee, and I'm totally willing to put my money where my mouth is. That's why I have what I call an Action Taker Guarantee. If you can't get this rolling within 30 days after you purchase, I'll give you your money back. Just contact my support staff at and show them your efforts. That's all there is to it.

Take action and you can profit from LinkedLoot!

Your Time Is Limited, Though

This low price is only during my special introductory launch. This is a valuable method, I reserve the right to raise it to where it SHOULD be. If you miss out on the special deal, you'll have to buy in at the regular price of at least $77... or even as high as $197 if this offer is as popular as I think it will be.

Don't snooze, don't lose, you're smarter than that.

Click Here, Save Money, And Start On This Today!

LinkedLoot From Greig Wells

Here's What Others Have Said About Me And My LinkedIn Courses & Products:

"I've bought many products, attended dozens of webinars, and taken lots of online courses, trying to figure how to make money on the internet. I had no list, no product, and no experience... but I could follow the easy directions Greig showed me in this program. This lead to me making my first $47 on the Internet. That may not sound like a lot of money, but the key is I am going to be able to repeat this every day. Because all I did was run Greig's software, which literally means just press the start button. With Greig's system, I didn't need to learn a bunch of stuff, have a web site, or do any selling. I just started making money."

James Roland – Beginner Internet Marketer And Affiliate Marketer

"I wasn't sure if LinkedIn was going to make sense for me because I sell physical products online and info products in niches to consumers. But what Greig helped me realize is that every business professional on LinkedIn is also a consumer, interested in things like losing weight and better relationships, just like everyone else. What's great about Greig's software is it works consistently to bring in leads and traffic everyday... Very similar to Facebook ads, except I am not paying anything for ad spend. So it's 100% free traffic that leads directly to profits for my bottom line."

Alan Factor – Beginner eCommerce And Info Products

"I am always wanting to scale my businesses into new audiences. I primarily do this with paid traffic through Facebook ads and Google. I had tried LinkedIn paid ads, but because they start at $2 per click, they had never been profitable for me. What I love about Greig's software is it brings highly targeted leads, consistently, every day, in volume of quantity. These are people with money who buy my programs and get added to my email list. With Greig's software, LinkedIn is right up there as a must have social site and traffic source for any online business."

Robert Cutler – Internet Marketer, Product Launcher, Facebook Ads

"I've been on LinkedIn for a long time but never really got any leads or business from it. Once I started running Greig's simple software on my PC, I started getting inquiries about speaking engagements and coaching clients. Now I love LinkedIn! I wish the software could run itself, you do have to go in every day and press the start button. But I have my virtual assistant do this for me and it takes just minutes every day for her to do this. I even bought a second license for my Mac so I could double my marketing on LinkedIn, you should buy two of these if you have two computers, it's well worth it!"

Barbara Grass – Digital Marketer, Coach, Speaker Author, Expert

"I had been working in my job for a detailing company for many years, trying to start a business, but I really didn't know much about marketing or social media. I wasn't even on LinkedIn at the time. Thanks to Greig's software, I now make a steady part time income of a few extra hundred bucks a month from LinkedIn for the past 7 months. It's been steady, I wish I had more time to put into it. I know I could make more, but I really only run the software a few times a week. I still don't have an actual business and didn't have to spend any other money to get started. The extra money each sure does come in handy for going out more often."

Michael Haynes – Part Time Online Marketer

Remember, My LinkedLoot Course Includes:

Module 1: Super Connector Mastery

  • Why Super Connectors will want to be on your list
  • How to build a list that's both broad AND targeted
  • The #1 biggest mistake most people make with their LinkedIn profiles

Module 2: Super Connector YOU

  • How to set up your profile to position YOURSELF as a Super Connector
  • How to be one of the people others WANT to find and WANT to connect with

Module 3: Getting LinkedIn Leads

  • How you get the people who will pay you for your list
  • The manual method
  • The automated method

Module 4: Getting Paid

  • How to get paid month after month after month
  • How to grow your LinkedLoot income
  • How to collect your payments

Plus These Valuable Bonuses ($688 Value)

1) My private Top 20 Super Connectors spreadsheet (Value: $97)

2) My persona tested and tweaked video sales letter (Value: $197)

3) A ticket to my LinkedIn SEO webinar (Value: $197)

4) Ticket to my income-multiplying LinkedLoot funnel webinar (Value: $197)

Take Action Now And Get Started With LinkedLoot

I've shown you exactly what this is all about. I've been upfront and honest with you. I've shown you the results I've gotten for other people.

I've even showed you the actual first training video that explains the exact overview of how you could be making thousands a month on autopilot. Who else gives you a "free sample" before asking for a penny? I've proved the value this training can have for you.

With LinkedLoot, you'll learn everything you need to know in order to make recurring income, month after month, quickly and easily from LinkedIn.

You'll get hundreds of dollars worth of training, the culmination of years of my research and hard work, for a crazy low price (until I come to my senses).

And it's guaranteed. All you have to do is take action.

Click the buy button and get started with LinkedLoot in a few minutes!

LinkedLoot From Greig Wells

Thanks for reading, I'm looking forward to helping you improve your life with LinkedLoot!

Greig Wells

P.S. Remember, grabbing LinkedLoot right now means:

1) You get the lowest price

2) You get the four special bonuses worth $688

3) You get the Action Takers Guarantee

And above all, you get this quick and easy way to profit from LinkedIn that can be started in minutes.

Your gut is telling you to click on the buy button below. Listen to it.

LinkedLoot From Greig Wells

P.P.S. This is where I'm supposed to scare you about how your life will endlessly remain the same if you don't get my LinkedLoot course. How you'll just keep making someone else rich by toiling away at your job, the opportunity will pass, and you'll keep chasing dreams that turn into nightmares of financial ruin.

But I'm not going to do that to you, I'm just going to give you the buy button again. You know what to do.

LinkedLoot From Greig Wells

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